Krivish Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Mendu Wada Maker With Stand For Home & Hotels (2 Pcs)

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Best product which helps you to make vada's in your kitchen. No more hassles of holding the batter in your hand New Stainless Steel Meduvada Maker for Tasty Breakfast Now you can make Tasty Meduvada hassle less with this Vada maker with this machine you can make vada's directly, don't have to keep batter on Hand. The steel vada maker which is the alternative for the traditional vada made by hand. By this vada maker you can make the vada in perfect shape and in easy manner. This machine is the best product for making homemade meduvada. This machine is used to make the shape of vada using vada batter. You can easily make the vada shape without holding the batter on your hand. Put vada batter into the vada maker plate which is present inside the vadamaker and smoothly press the handle present at the top of the vadamaker. Then the shape of vada will comes out and you can directly put it in the oil to make soft and fluffy meduvada. This machine is made by rust-free stainless-steel material. It comes in steel color and brushed finish. It is perfect choice for any kitchen, after use wash to keep the shine longer.

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