Krivish Plastic Cheese Grater Ginger & Garlic Cutting Chopper Kitchen Tool (1 Pc)

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There will no longer be tortured to chop onions and garlic. Garlic Grater your hand thanks to a new generation apparatus to smell garlic! With Garlic mounts shredding to use your hands and you will protect yourself from minor injuries crush the garlic, grind, Garlic Peeler for many years was used wooden mortars crush the garlic and chop wood as the difficulty of air also remove the heavy odor that was a big problem. Now completely eliminates the hard work in the kitchen with the technology. Practical garlic Render comes overcome all these problems. Choppers are practical tools kitchen should have in your kitchen. This garlic grater micro-plane is a great tool for every kitchen. Easy way to grate your garlic and ginger up for grilling, baking, frying. Slice the garlic and ginger and grate with ease keeping food preparation fast and safe. Dishwasher safe and easily cleaned after every use. Great tool to help kids in food preparation and kitchen safety. Makes the perfect size grated garlic and ginger. Removable cover to protect your hands, multi-functional and safer for use. Mini size and light weight, easy to control. Sharp stainless steel grind board, easy to grate.

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