Krivish Green Foldable Silicone Fruit & Vegetables Colander Washing Bowl Draining Strainer Collapsible Basket (1 Pc)

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Make it easier to drain away hot oils or excess water from vegetables, meats, or your favorite foods with an all-purpose colander strainer . When you�re preparing food in the kitchen and you need to drain away excess fats from your taco meat, water from vegetables or you want to rinse your salad for dinner, you need a colander that makes it quick and easy. This Colanders that let you easily �pop� them open to create a deep basin for washing or rinsing your food over the sink in seconds. Crafted with food-grade safe, heat-resistant silicone, this collapsible strainers are designed to help you save space in the kitchen but be within quick reach when it�s time to finish off or prepare a meal. And because they�re dishwasher safe, stack away neatly on top of one another, and they�re the perfect addition to every modern kitchen!

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