Krivish Combo Set of 10 Multicolor Plastic Measuring Cup, Spoon & Pack of 2 Silicone Spatula & Oil Brush For Kitchen Cooking and Baking

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MEASURING SPOON & CUP: The Measuring Cups and Spoons are here to make cooking a piece of cake! Measure all of your ingredients, dry and liquid, with our Measuring Utensils. Use the Weighing Cups for large amounts. As for the Measuring Spoons, they will help you weigh small amounts and they will easily fit in small containers. Apart from looking pretty, the colors will also help you find the Cups and Spoons inside the drawer. They will also help you identify the size of each Measuring Cups or Spoon. They combine style and functionality! Cooking has never been easier!. SPATULA & OIL BRUSH: This flexible, hygienic, silicone spatula and pastry brush set is sure to brighten up your kitchen. The spatula is designed to bend and flex to the contours of your bowls and pans, making scraping contents easier. Completely safe for use on non-stick surfaces they are stain resistant, as well as heat resistant. You are going to love the feel of silicone and when you pick up this spatula you immediately feel the high-quality of the plastic handle as it seems to form to your hand. It feels soft and solid at the same time, making it easy to stir, mix, flip, and scrape... whatever you need it to do. The Silicone Basting / Pastry Brush are designed to easily spread marinades, butter or other liquid making the task very simple. This basting brush is great for also spreading glazes on desserts. The handles are contoured making it comfortable to hold, and has hole for hanging on wall hook. It is a must-have kitchen item & accessories, dishwasher safe.

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