Krivish Black Plastic Measuring Cup & Spoons For Kitchen Cooking and Baking - (Set of 8)


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Krivish measuring cups set is a much needed kitchen and baking product for every kitchen. It has 8 measuring cups and spoons whose measurements also mentioned on the handles of cups and spoons. The ring type handle with lock is also comes with this measuring cup set to hold all the spoons and cups in one place. The handle also have wall mounting knob for easy keeping in your kitchen area. The measuring cups are stackable and you can keep all the measuring cups and spoons one by one and it saves the space in your kitchen cabinet. This measuring cups and spoons are made by high quality food grade ABS plastic material which is food safe and unbreakable.These measuring cup sets are dishwasher safe. All come stacked together on a ring thumb rest on each handle sizes each cup has several different sizes from smallest to largest cups,1/4 cup, 1/8 cup, 4 table spoons, 2 tablespoons. Featuring a set of 4 measuring cups in capacities ranging from 60ml to 240ml and 4 spoons with capacities from 1.25ml to 15ml, it is a comprehensive solution to your needs

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